Sprites & Dice review

“It was the springboard to me meditating a few times a week.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

 “What makes Playne interesting is that it uses gaming conventions and reward systems to encourage you to keep coming back. [...]

it lets you watch your world grow and evolve”
Sprites And Dice

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Playne planted 600 trees in California for the World Environment Day event on Steam.

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Steam Player Reviews

"That’s the beauty of Playne: it provides you with a structure to learn how to meditate but doesn’t ask anything more of you than to try to come back the next day for a few minutes" - TheTraveler

"I fully recommend Playne. It has done wonders for me, and I hope it will do the same for others..." — Oneoverzero

" I love my daily time with Fox. Great for habit forming, meditation, and ambient sound environment. Graphically beautiful. Quotes add a nice touch, for reflection before entering the world again..." - BarberHauler

"Before this app, I didn't meditate at all. Since I started meditating with Playne, I only missed one day over the last 60 days or so" - Drone-Ah

"If you're curious about meditation and the benefits it can offer, Playne is a wonderful means to take the first step and ideally make it part of your daily routine. The experience is simple, yet very beautiful, and with ease you can tailor the nature and length of the sessions to your personal taste. The developer has been amazing - adding features, improving performance, and quickly fixing any problems that arise.  — My nomination for Labor of Love 2019. " - CapedCrusader

"Thank you for making this. It has changed my life, and made something so simple - so accessible." - Horizons96

"I guarantee if you play it 10 minutes a day, for 30 days, it will change your life in a very meaningful way. A must own." - Some Old Fool

"I never would have considered to practise meditation if it wasn't for this game [...] this game actually helps me to come at ease whenever I need it and for that I am very grateful." - Sanugia

"After my first 10 minute session I felt like I woke up from a dream. Anxiety melted away. I will be using this every day." - Schofield

"Among all games this one have the most impact on my life and well-being." - Zmey

"I'm in a really ruff spot and bought this 'game' out of hope that it could help me. And I have to say that after 2 days meditating for 10 minutes each I really feel calmer and less stressed." - Adamska

"A wonderful tool/experience to help you learn to meditate and through meditation improve many aspects of your mind. I strongly recommend it for literally everyone [...]" - Fellfoe

"I will definitely use these methods to help myself not only in critical moments but also in everyday life, just to make myself feel better" - Aga I My, Steam Curator